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Our name actually comes from the Titan Goddess of sight. She is thought to be the goddess of prophecy. She is also said to be “The goddess of shining” because she rules over valuable things like diamonds, gold, silver, lights. Here at Theias Beauty, we embrace her wisdom and power and her standard for absolute beauty. Theias Beauty is the brainchild of Aimee Engler, Lash Artist and beauty expert.

Aimee has over 30 years in the beauty industry with a career beginning at age 17 where she attended Cosmetology School while completing her senior year of highschool. At 18, she was recruited by the owner of a very large Modeling Agency in Seattle to head up the style division of the company. After 7 years, she needed a challenge. Her next stop was Los Angeles where she worked as a makeup artist and hairstylist in the film industry. In 2001 she opened a salon and day spa where she worked strictly as a hairstylist until 2013 when she added eyelash extensions artist to her resume. In 2015 she sold her salon and retired as a hairstylist to concentrate solely on her lash clientele. After trial and error searching for quality, safe products to use on her clients, she decided to develop and manufacture her own product line…..thus the birth of Theias Beauty!



We are artists just like you, concerned with every minute detail that can make or break your client’s look. We have honed our craft with over decades of experience. Our MIssion is to provide the highest quality products for all your eyelash extensions and beauty needs and provide a level of customer care and connection rarely seen in the beauty world.

Exceptional product quality
Great customer service
Constant innovation
Environment-friendly ingredients

Decades of experience
Based in U.S.A
Excellent response time
Goddess-like attention to detail